Maroubra Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy is an allied health care profession that aims to rehabilitate and improve a person’s ability to move and function.  Our physiotherapists use a whole body, whole person approach to treatment.

Our physiotherapists look to address the factors that may be contributing to the injury.  Our physiotherapists understand that everything in the body is connected and therefore complete a comprehensive assessment, which allows them to have a clear diagnosis and understanding of the patient’s condition. Our physiotherapists use their clinical expertise and the latest research to work with our patients to achieve their health care and body goals.

Physiotherapists work closely with patients and surgeons pre and post operatively in order to rehabilitate effectively.  Physios guide you through your rehabilitation in order to prepare you for safe transition to work or play.

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The goal of physiotherapy is to restore, enhance and maintain a patient’s health and functionality by using a combination of:

Kinesio-taping (rock tape)


Patient education

Ergonomic, nutritional and lifestyle advice


Soft tissue work

Dry needling


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