Dry Needling Maroubra

Dry needling can be used to treat many musculoskeletal conditions. Dry needling is the insertion of acupuncture needles into trigger points in order to deactivate or release the trigger point and restore correct function to the musculoskeletal system.

A trigger point is a palpable nodule located within a tight band of muscle. Trigger points are painful when pressure is applied to them and may also refer pain to other locations. Trigger points are formed as a result of muscular overload.

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Things that can cause muscular overload include:

Muscle overuse

Repetitive movements


Poor posture


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What dry needling can do for you?

At Active Body Chiropractic we may use dry needling in conjunction with our chiropractic and massage treatments in order to get the best results possible for our patients.

Dry needling decreases pain and improves patient’s functionality. Dry needling may be used to improve a variety of musculoskeletal conditions including but not limited to:


Sporting injuries


Neck pain

Low back pain