Sara Gentin

Sara Gentin is the physiotherapist at Active Body Chiropractic.

Growing up, Sara was a national level swimmer and triathlete. Due to the high intensity of these sports Sara experienced injuries. Some of these injuries would be recurring and some of these would cause her to have to limit her training. Sara saw a variety of sports doctors, sports psychologists, surgeons and physiotherapists in order to try and figure out what was going on.

Through Sara’s personal experiences and sacrifices she now understands the
importance of self awareness, education and mentor ship. Sara decided that she really wanted to help bridge the gap between physiotherapy, health (a holistic approach) and fitness. Her aim is to appeal to anyone and everyone who wants to be better and to improve their performance, every day or in sport. Sara’s goal is to work with you to explore useful ways to take care of the longevity of your well being. By increasing self-awareness of movement, Sara is able to help you to build resilience to unexpected loads and stresses and reduce injury.

Sara graduated from the Australian Catholic University in 2014 and has since worked in a variety of sectors. Sara has worked a variety of patients in private practice ranging from the “weekend warrior” to the high level athlete and from the post op patient to the desk jockey. Sara’s most recent role was working with highly regarded orthopedic surgeons.
Outside of work Sara is actively involved in snow sports, surf sports and Pilates.

Outside of her degree Sara has completed further study in:

  • Musculoskeletal dry needling
  • Selective Functional Movement Assesment (SFMA) Levels 1 and 2
  • Functional neurology and functional neurology for the sporting athlete.